The region is divided into 12 districts, two of which relate to Prague, where the highest population density is. There are many castles and chateaux in the area, but also an endless amount of beautiful nature. Of the castles and chateaux, you can visit, for example, the second most famous castle in the Czech Republic, Karlštejn, then Loket, Točník, Žebrák, Okoř, Křivoklát, Hořovický zámek or Nelahozeves. If the mountain ranges are already peering over at you, then why not look at Karlštejn or Konopiště from the luxury of an air balloon?


Experience the Middle Ages in the Malešov campsite, where you will find accommodation in tents and medieval cuisine using only ingredients that have been here since ancient times, but in a modern form on a plate. All this awaits you under the Malešov Fortress from the 14th century – the only place you will experience the Middle Ages in modern luxury.


There are many possibilities for trips in this area, such as the Church of St. Barbora in Kutná Hora from the UNESCO list. A little further on you can explore Poděbrady, a spa town, the Poděbrady chateau, colonnade, spa wafers, and lastly you must not forget to experience the shooting of mineral water from one of the springs! Then, dine in at Cucina, a restaurant with a stellar interior, or next to Café Oliver. Additionally, just a few kilometers away resides the town of Nymburk (symbolized by its brick walls) or the gothic church of St. Jiljí. Nearby also lies the town square, where you can observe the Renaissance Town Hall and the plague column. Nearby, you can then enjoy food from the bistro Na Staré Pošte.


West of Prague be sure to visit Lány, a town made famous by T. G. Masaryk, the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic. You can sift through the Masaryk Museum or visit the first president’s gravesite, where he was buried with his wife. Of course, you can also explore the Lánský chateau, which has been used by the country’s presidents since the beginning of the republic as one of their residences. The castle is not open to the public, but you can go to the main gate and see the castle guard or sit for coffee in the garden at the Masaryk Museum with a view of the castle. When you are on the path in the footsteps of Masaryk, stop at the train station in Stochov, where they will show you the presidential lounge that Masaryk traveled to on request. Also in Rakovník there is another Masaryk Museum and a beautiful square. In Lužná you will find the Museum of Czech Railways, where there are old locomotives, trucks, and cars. If you fancy Vietnamese, eat at the MyMy restaurant, or for Czech cuisine, visit Šalanda.


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